The Diamond Spa has a Wellness Space with a heated water circuit, a Care Space for facial and body treatments, and a Fitness Space. Prior reservation is required.

Espace Wellness: from Monday to Saturday from 1:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Sunday from 09:00h – 17:00h

Children’s hours (from 6 to 15 years): from 15:00h to 17:00h.

Fitness Space: from 07:00 to 21:00. The key must be requested at the reception outside the Spa schedule

Diamond Spa

The tradition once attributed to diamond wonderful virtues against poisons, plague, panics, insomnia. It calmed the anger and preserved the love between the spouses, which resulted in it being called the “stone of reconciliation”. It was also attributed a talismanic property when under its favorable aspect, or when under the planet Mars was engraved on it the figure of some god or Hercules killing the hydra, to ensure victory to the one who carried it, whatever the number of his enemies.

It went so far as to believe that diamonds spawned others. It was said that a princess of Luxembourg had hereditary diamonds that at certain times were produced by others.

The diamond is a symbol of perseverance, strength innocence and other heroic virtues.

The Mountain of Light

  • Massatge descontracturant 50 ́

    Tècnica de massatge que treballa la musculatura a nivell profund, buscant la seva relaxació i ràpida recuperació

    95 €
  • Massatge descontracturant amb arnica i calendula 60'

    Massatge descontracturant implementat amb les propietats anti-inflamatòries i calmants d’aquestes dues plantes pròpies del pirineu.

    105 €
  • Massatge esportiu + estiraments específics 80 ́

    Massatge molt recomanat després de la pràctica intensa d’exercici que ajuda a la recuperació funcional i alleuja dolors musculars i d’articulatoris.

    140 €
  • Massatge relaxant 50'

    Una teràpia que permet el luxe d’una màxima relaxació i amb la fi d’alleujar la seva tensió diària, ajudant a un perfecte descans i desconnexió.

    90 €
  • Massatge relaxació profunda 80 ́

    Barreja de diferents tècniques de relaxació que li transportaran allà on vostè es deixi portar.

    130 €
  • Massatge de pedres calentes 60 ́

    Tècnica de massatge que combina maniobres manuals amb tècnica geo-termal a la recerca de la major relaxació induïda per la calor despresa per les pedres volcàniques.

    110 €
  • Massatge d'aromateràpia 50 ́

    Massatge relaxant amb olis especialment formulats per al seu benestar físic i mental.

    95 €
  • Massatge anticel·lulític 60 ́

    Especialment indicat per dissoldre cúmuls de greix i facilitar la circulació per a la seva posterior eliminació.

    110 €
  • Massatge especial embarassades 60 ́

    Tècnica específica de massatge amb maniobres còmodes i relaxants per a l’ embarassada i realitzat amb oli d’ ametlles per a una bona hidratació de la pell. ( a partir del tercer mes d’ embaràs )

    110 €
  • Reflexologia podal 50'

    Treball sobre les zones reflexes dels peus, amb la finalitat d’ alleujar tensions i trobar el benestar general.

    90 €
  • Relaxació crani – facial 25 ́

    Massatge de relaxació amb suaus maniobres a coll, crani i rostre.

    55 €
  • Massatge d'Esquena i Coll 25 ́

    Relaxació específica dels músculs de l’ esquena i el coll per alliberar les tensions del dia a dia.

    55 €
  • Massatge per a Cames Cansades 25 ́

    Indicat per eliminar pesadesa de cames i alleujar el cansament.

    55 €
  • Massatge Relaxant Podal 25 ́

    Suaus i relaxants maniobres sobre la planta del peu per facilitar el descans.

    55 €

Mountain of light, It is said that after defeating Babur (founder of the Mughal empire of India) to the Sultan of Delhi, in 1526, mentioned an extraordinary diamond that was part of the spoils of war and that would have belonged to Sultan Alaudin. “It is estimated that its value is equivalent to two and a half days of food for all the habitants of the world”

Sea of light

  • Massatge per a dos enamorats 50 ́

    Massatge relaxant a la nostra cabina doble, acabant amb dues copes de cava per brindar per l’amor durador.

    180 €
  • Massatge amb espelmes per a dos enamorats 50 ́

    Massatge relaxant amb espelmes de karité calent que produeix una sensació inigualable de suavitat i benestar. Acabarem el massatge brindant amb dues copes de cava.

    190 €
  • Ritual Diamond per a parelles 90'

    Massatge relaxant de 30 minuts a l’interior de l’Spa privat amb ampolla de Juvé &Camps, aperitius i 60 minuts d’Spa privat.

    350 €
  • Diamant Ritual Deluxe 120'

    Massatge relaxant de 60 minuts a l’interior de l’spa privat amb ampolla de Moët &Chandon, aperitius i 60 minuts d’Spa privat.

    500 €
  • Suplement nocturn ( de 21:00 a 00:00 )

    200 €

The Darya-i-Noor, or “Sea of Light” of a delicate warm pink and weighing 186 carats, came from the rich Golconda mines in India. Considered the largest pink diamond in the world, it remains the most important jewel in the Iranian Crown.

It is preserved in the National Bank of Tehran. He never left Persia.

The blue diamond

  • Viatge a la Ruta de les Espècies 80 ́

    Treball a nivell cel·lular amb cèl·lules mare que aporta lluminositat, hidratació i atenua els efectes de la vida quotidiana

    120 €

Amber, Vanilla and Patchouli

This beauty trip takes you to discover the aromas of Ayurvedic with wonderful and intense notes. It is a spiritual journey of 1000 fragrances, a true legacy of traditions.

The beauty secret of African women is Shea Butter. This product is a rejuvenating treatment with regenerating and nourishing properties. It softens the epidermis while nourishing it in depth.

  • Viatge a Udaipur 80 ́

    120 €

Musk, Incense and Vanilla

An elegant, feminine and deeply charming journey, straight to the heart of beauty. Udaipur, the Hindu Venice gives us notes of Almond, Incense and Vanilla, princely and sensual.

This ritual of perfumes and cosmetics is intended to relax the body and bring travel to our mind.

  • Viatge de les Delícies 80 ́

    120 €

Orange and Orange Blossom

Inspired by Oriental Gardens, full of orange blossoms. This delicate and soothing flower has been used for centuries in beauty for its many benefits. Delicious and sensual protagonist in many ancestral rituals.

  • Viatge a Darjeeling 80 ́

    120 €

It has green and ginger

Near the Himalayas the freshest Green Tea is born. This is one of the beauty secrets of asian women along with the root of ginger, a spice full of mystery due its sweet and spicy perfume provides the skin a large amount of detox properties.

The Jacob was a 184-carat blue diamond that came to the court in 1891, through the merchant Alexander Malcolm Jacob. Its purchase provoked a conflict with the sixth nizam Mahbub Ali Khan, who wanted to retract it. The case was about to end up in court, and Ali Khan had no choice but to close the deal.

A beautiful purple

Facials - Phytomer

  • Hydra blue – tractament refrescant reomplidor 60 ́

    80 €

A perfectly balanced and effective treatment in moisturizing and relaxation. It combines high tec technolygic products with ultra-sensory textures providing a massage of relaxation, moisturizing and comfort to the skin; revealing a natural freshness.

(Indicated for normal, dry and very dry skin)

  • Acnipur - tractament solució d' imperfeccions 60’

    80 €

INGLÉS This treatment is the purifying solution for oily or mixed skin with impurities, regardless of your age. It is a highly cleansing, mattifying, balancing sebum production and unifying treatment of the skin.

(Indicated for oily, mixed and acne skin)

  • Intenció joventut – reafirmant i corrector d'arrugues 75’

    95 €

This treatment is mainly intended for the healing of first wrinkles or signs of expression and is suitable for all skin types that require an intense exfoliating treatment of the microdermabrasion type for complete rejuvenation and dazzling blush.
It improves the surface of the skin, fills in the first wrinkles and the skin looks firmer and smoother.

(Indicated for all skin types (+ 30 years)

  • Pionnière – revelador de joventut 75’

    125 €

This treatment is recomended at all people who are looking for a highly technical and well-being alliance for an anti-aging efficacy visible from the 1st treatment, it also gives intense relaxation thanks to a very original specific massage, particularly enveloping that provides deep rest. With it, we reach the highest level of biotechnological performance and restore youth, softness and luminosity to the skin. The skin is softer, firmer and more luminous.

(Suitable for all skin types, anti-aging effect (+50 years)-)

The blue tavernier or Hope, which Jean-Baptiste Tavernier sold to Louis XIV of France in 1668, also from Golconda, took on great importance for its unusual color, and Tavernier described it as “of a beautiful violet” and that it weighed over a hundred carats.

Facial Treatments - Vie Collection

Developed jointly by a medical-aesthetic consultancy and biology researchers, the Vie Collection treatment protocols guarantee the best results against skin aging. Vie Collection offers the most advanced solutions and treatments in cosmetic technology, and guarantees clinically proven anti-aging results, from the first treatment.

They are dermocosmetic products inspired by aesthetic operations and therapies such as mesotherapy, botox or hyaluronic acid.

  • Retinopur 30% 50'
    90 €

An anti-ageing treatment for combination and oily skin, which focuses on the power of fruit acids and retinol to erase wrinkles and imperfections.
The skin is purified, cleansed and imperfections are reduced.

  • Mésoforce 60'
    110 €

A customizable aesthetic medicine treatment, inspired by a mesotherapy session, to achieve complete revitalization and reverse the signs of aging. Increases hydration and revives the glow of marked, dehydrated and saturated skin.

  • Rides 3D 60'
    125 €

A supplemental or alternative protocol to botox, hyaluronic acid and growth factor injections to smooth wrinkles. Three steps with a precise, complete and effective result along established lines.

  • Mela-bright 60'
    100 €

Inspired by depigmenting peels, the Mela-bright treatment erases blemishes and imperfections to achieve an even and luminous skin.

If you wish to cancel your reservation, you must notify the SPA at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled appointment or you will be charged the full amount of the treatment at the time of Check Out.